Prada Fall 07 -- what do YOU think ??

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  1. I'm very curious to get to the Prada store over the weekend and see the new fall clothes == all the ruched and faded fabrics. Tried on one of the fur pieces last month, not a coat but a knee length vest with a distressed patent leather on the other side. Very interesting but a bit trendy for 2600 (thought it was refreshing to see them backing off some of the prices that crept into the rhinestone encrusted collection).
    I didn't like the spring collection at all, too flat -- but some texture seems to be creeping back in ...
    The shoes have me freaked as they're even taller heels than last fall.
    A much better look book is up at their website.
  2. I love their Fall collection. Muccia did some very interesting and very variable textures. She definitely has made her mark.
  3. i love it but i am thinking i love it less now. i thought she said she was no longer using fur? Am i incorrect?
  4. I always like her collections, they are always interesting. But I don't like mohair and the faded things, it will make me look short, so I probably wont get any (I've already gotten some from the linea rossa thouhg. =P Prada everything has such a good fit for me)
  5. Her collection is quite unique, I can't say I'd wear any of it.
  6. It was a bit funky..LOL..I saw the green fur coat and was like....EEEK!
    I like her plainer stuffs....
  7. I really like the patent shoes and bags. The socks are fabulous too! I'm not so sure about that chicken feather skirt though...:s
  8. I think Prada does that ingenue nebulous-aged girl who likes to mix her proper school (or work) attire with grandma's vintage clothes look quite well. Most of the time, it's "geek chic" ... Miuccia likes to play with "homeliness" and add whimsy. I know people have been saying Miu Miu is now a designer collection in its right, but I think it's still very similar to Prada, just younger, more school girl.

    The collection reminded me a bit of Jil Sander's shapes and Marni's attitude (with less arts and craft).

    Miuccia has always been innovative with materials. She is very good at taking a luxe material and making it look less precious: the mohair coats are an example of this.

    I think Miuccia's favorite theme in clothing is ugliness/homeliness. I'm not saying her clothes are (and I'm not saying they're not) but she likes to deconstruct beauty standards and push boundaries.

    As for the fall collection, I think the materials are innovative (as usual), the look is very "Prada," and I would be happy to add a bit of colored croc to my collection, but, overall I dislike the fur pieces (though they are visually interesting) and the rest of the pieces are quite "classic" which means they are not that inventive. Miuccia is a good stylist and she knows how to draw attention and sell clothes that are wearable and just a bit edgy, as to be considered "fashionable."

    That said, I identify and sometimes dress conterminously with the ideas/mood that is in the fall 07 collection.