Prada Fall 06 collection

  1. Hi,
    I'm new to the forum, but the reason I joined is because I fell in love with a Prada bag this summer in Italy (my first time in Europe), but could not afford it at the time even though it was, in my opinion, a great deal. I'm wondering where I can find pictures of the bag so I can hunt it down. It was gorgeous brown leather and I want to make it my first prada purchase if possible! I'm assuming it would be in last fall's collection seeing as I saw it this summer.

    Thanks sooo much :yes:
  2. Hi Amanda...

    Can you describe it? I'm sure someone here owns it, or has a picture of it we can post for you.
  3. Hm, well I've semi blocked the experience out of my head, reason being I wasn't dressed in my normal clothing (I was wearing shorts and a tank top) and I asked the lady the price and she was soooo rude that she told it to me and then started putting away the bag. She didn't even give it back to me to look I. I wanted to buy it so bad but when she was being so rude there was no way.

    I remember I was looking for a medium sized brown leather bag I could use to replace a cheapo one i have that is falling apart lol.. so it was medium sized, it fit over my shoulder but did have long straps like the one's I've been seeing lately. I think there were pockets, in the front I want to say, and there was definitely a lock. I'm sorry I wish I could remember more :sad:. ugh
  4. really, no one knows where I can get pictures? lately I've been looking through like all pictures of prada I can and I can't find this mystery bag! It's killing me-

    LOSING SLEEEEP lol!:love:
  5. You described almost every bag made by Prada. I tried looking, but if you can't remember what the bag looks like - I would say to pass and find one you love.
  6. :yes: