Prada fairy shoes on!

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  1. :drool:There are some gorgeous Prada shoes inspired by their latest campaign up on
    Some of them are pricey, but mouth watering! :drool:
  2. omg i wanttttt! :drool: im really loving their fairy shoes this season- so creative and unusual; they just shout for attention
  3. love them:love:
  4. am I BLIND?lolol!
    i DONT SEE THEM?Fairy shoes?Im so curious!
  5. They were in the fairy catalogue --------may be sold out now as they don't seem to be on the site
    Styledrops overcharges so horribly -- I got these at Neiman's the day they came out for about 500 -- not 700
  6. Yeah, I don't see them either, but I did see them in the catalog. They were really cute though! Did anyone snag a pair?
  7. I don't see them either. I wonder if they have the same problems with the colors running as the bags do?