Prada fairy bag owners. question about bag.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I had gotten the prada fairy bag and found that when i put stuff in it it doesn't keep it shape and seems to sag in the middle? has anyone else had this problem? Any advice or help would be great! Thanks!
  2. Yes, mine did that (I had to sell mine). I never minded so much because I loved how it made it more casual, a little less 'look at me'. You can always have a look for something to make the bottom stronger, I know some people on here even constructed their own base-thingy. Personally though, I would wear it as it was made, a little slouchier.
  3. Yes I noticed that too. I just try not to worsen it by keeping it stuffed with tissue paper when I'm not using it.

    Otherwise it does just straighten out when you're carrying it so I didn't mind too much.

    If anybody found a bag shaper I would also love to know!