prada fairy bag - how to prevent bleeding??

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  1. hi gals

    i apologize if this question has been asked before, i looked and couldn't find a thread specifically for this...

    but to all you prada fairy owners out there, have you pre-treated your bag with any type of leather protector/treatment, to prevent any bleeding? if so, can you recommend products, how to use, and where to buy?

    i am thinking of doing it, but a little nervous that the treatment itself may smear/ruin the leather... i don't want to make it stiff or have a funky smell....

    THANK YOU!!! :ty:
  2. Bump, any Fairy owners?
  3. I've heard of getting it siliconed but I haven't tried it yet. Let me try to find the thread.
  4. purse-onality and longchamp have both had their fairies professionally sprayed with silicon spray at a shoe repair. Both had a good experience with it :smile: