Prada "Fairies Bag" S/S 08 by James Jean

  1. I LOVE the whole collection from the runway, the dresses, the patterns, the illustration drawing.

    And this is not the first time an artist collaborated with a fashion designer, while not all guaranteed succeed, This Spring/Summer 2008 Prada collaboration with artist James Jean is a success one.
    I especially love this bag on the campaign pics. this collector's item priced at $2290 in Prada's signature grainy calf leather in white.


  2. It's beautiful but I think it's too busy for a purse.
  3. i love the print but i am not too excited about the shape. i, personally, have to have shoulder straps! :p
  4. I like the print, but I like my bags a little more subtle.

  5. ME TOO!!! :heart::love:
  6. Not sure if I really love them but they sure are interesting
  7. IMO this bag is age targeted..20 years ago I would have thought this bag was sooooooo cool...not that I think it's NOT..I just would have bought it then....not now..I can see the eyeballs rolling now if I wore this into the office!!! LOL it happens enough now...with just my classic designer bags...OH...and I would also like it better if it had a long strap as well..Hope a pf'r gets one...would really like to see it modeled..
  8. I think this print is ... "a lot." It's sensual, mythical, moody, very interesting to look at -- and I've looked at it quite a few times already! I see different things each time I look at it. I appreciate the art-print very much; I just think it evokes way too much to be on a bag. Actually, I think I'd really love it on a large wall in my bedroom with no furniture near it and view it in different day and night lights...
  9. I'm looking forward to modelling pics of this bag -- it reminds me of the feeling of a 60's design sensibility which can be a lot of fun. I agree with Emmy, I think it's age targetted -- the whole fairy line seems to be.

    Here's the Samsonite print I had as a young 'off to college' luggage choice way back when -- there is something in the strong black and white graphic style that takes me back (and Samsonite reissued this line last year after some prop person put it in a movie !). I think the ad campaign for this bag makes it look even more wantable -- but all that said -- I'm leaning towards (dare I say it?) the LV Richard Prince bags -- they're downright subversive.
  10. Well, I can see how it might be captivating to some. I don't think I would carry it though. It's not really my style.
  11. Kind of reminds me of a Harajuku Lovers print.
  12. I agree with you too! It's a very pretty bag, very unique which also means that it may get dated quickly. Don't kill me for saying this but my first thought was:"Did Lesportsac design this?"

    I would love to see it IRL though. My SA asked if I would be interested in getting on the wait list and I said no. But do call me back if the bag goes on sale along with the floral print pajamas. We had a good laugh!:nogood:
  13. I would like to see it in person.
    alot of times I find the ad campains look better to me than in real life.
  14. I love the illustrations, they're pretty and fun..but as a bag I don't think it has lasting potential and that I'd get tired of it/feel it was to juventile, so I think it's too expensive to buy just for fun.