Prada experts: please help a novice; honest opinions needed!

  1. There is this bag that I can't stop looking at; I am concerned though that the bag may look too much like mini-luggage.


    Does anyone here have this bag? Do you like it? What do you all think? It is on Bluefly and is selling for $797. Is this a good price?

    Please help!! If you think it is ugly, then tell me. I need brutally honest truth!

  2. Use the MISS231 promo code and it's 15% off the $797. :yes:

    I like this bag. I toyed with getting it for a long time. I just wasn't sure I wanted the canvas. I'm a leather kind of gal!

    And ugly is in the eye of the beholder I suppose.
  3. I think its cute...Go for it and use the coupon!!
  4. It's cute! For the price, I think it's a good deal (not that I'm a Prada expert like those two above! ;) ) The coupon makes it a wonderful deal!

    Personally, I'm with Prada Psycho, I love leather. But if anyone can do canvas very very well, it's Prada! Good luck! :heart:
  5. :sweatdrop: Well I did it! Thank you to those that answered. I will post pictures when I get it; I have so many leather bags that I figured I would try something different with this one.

    Thanks again!!
  6. Congrats, nice bag!
  7. Congrats Becca!!! I think it's great for spring/summer...I'm glad you bought it...can't wait to see it !! Don't forget topost modeling pics!! Bluefly ships fast too....!!!:yahoo:
  8. I don't have this bag, but have a bag in this color combo and I love it. It's stunning in person!