Prada Expertise - HELP!!!! I want that bag

  1. In Jun/Jul 06 I was up in Scotland and went to House Of Frasers every Saturday, there I fell for a beautiful Prada Handbag. The leather was so soft and smelt so beautiful. At the time I could not get away with justifying £400 so I drooled every Sat afternoon and left it on the shelf.:push: Since then I've regretted it and have been unable to find anything remotely similar. The link I've attached is the closest thing I've ever been able to find, the lock on the one I saw is different, the one I want is a "slide" lock and the colour is that of Galaxy Minstrels Chocolates! Why oh Why did I ever leave it on the display when it clearly wanted to come home with me! :hysteric: Since Aug this has become an obsession and numberous phone calls to House of Fraser Glasgow have come to naught. Please help!:crybaby:

    Prada BR2613 Pushlock Leather Handbag - Black | large selection of Prada Handbags at
  2. That's a beautiful bag- but just be aware that Designer Imports sells fakes :push:
  3. Emmy

    It's close but not the same, the lock on the one I want is where you have to push both ends together.
  4. think you may be right

    how can anyone get an authentic prada at this kind of price?
  5. You can't........ The best you can do is try to catch the end of season sales at NM, BG and Saks.