Prada Executive Tote or Prada BR4393

  1. I bought this bag in august of 2011. I use it primarily for work. I consider this to be a larger bag. I'm 5.8 and find that the size is just right. The only complaint I have is that the bottom of the bag sags a bit so I ended up ordering a base shaper that was smaller than the actual base (i ordered one for the louis vuitton NF MM) just to give it some sort of structure at the bottom. The bag can also feel heavy rather quickly. Other than that I love the way it looks!!
  2. Hi! sorry this thread is a little old, but id like to know those who own the br 4393, ( and dreamrunner)
    how do you find the bag after using it for some time?
    Do you think it is functional as an everyday bag?
    do you think it is too big and does it sag if you use the full capacity?
    anyone who owns this bag please feel free to air your opinions! thanks!
    Im drooling over this bag the first 5 mins i stepped into prada i was actually looking for a medium sized soft leather bag. if anyone could suggest something else id be happy to explore thanks again!
    edited to add i am about the same stats as dreamrunner
    5'2 ( i think i may be a little taller now since the last time i measured bout 5'3)
  3. I bought the BR4393 in black about 1 month ago, and I love it. The bag is roomy–but, not too big. I carry a lot of stuff, and it doesn't sag when full; nor is it heavy.

    I believe that it is functional as an everyday bag, because of it’s:

    1. Outside pockets for my keys and mobile phone
    2. Strong handles can be worn on my arm or shoulder
    3. Shoulder strap is concealed, but handy when needed; plus it works well as a crossbody bag
    4. Leather is durable and lovely–especially with the gold hardware
    5. Can be worn whether you are dressing up or down

    My only negative, is when holding the bag, the handles oddly pull on the outside pockets (look at dreamrunner’s image second picture).

    I took a long time before deciding on this bag; I read and reread everything that I could find about BR4393. However, I selected this bag based on numbers 1 & 3 above.

    If I weren’t so rough, I would also buy this bag in the lighter color.
  4. Hi thank you for your very useful opinion on this bag. I have gone down to look at it again and it is indeed a wonderful and versatile bag. I got distracted by a fuchsia miu miu coffer bag along the way but i believe i will get the 4393 due to its functionality . I am like you rough with my bags so ... i will be back to update which one i got eventually!
  5. TOTE
    Lux saffiano calf leather bag
    double handle
    detachable shoulder strap
    brass hardware
    metal lettering logo
    snap-lock closure
    two inside pockets
    Prada logo lining
    L 13.39" H 9.06" D 5.12"

    product code BN2136_NZV_F0002 price $2,850
  6. thanks!!
  7. What a gorgeous bag! Perfect size!
  8. This Executive Tote (BR 4393) looks even better when it's not snapped on the sides, it takes on more of a rectangular shape.

    Pros: Holds a lot, small inside zip pocket, 2 outside pockets, shoulder strap attaches diagonally side to side for better stability (not midpoint side to side).

    Cons: HEAVY, side pockets length/width can be limiting- if your needs are more specific be sure to check. Side pockets snap closed, not zipper- may not be secure enough for some.

    This bag look very classy!
  9. Is this bag very heavy? I recently sold my Chloe bag because it was giving me back pain.
  10. Love the looks of the exec tote.
    Gorgeous bag. Congrats to you all who have it....I may need to get it too!!