Prada Etiquette Bag Collection

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    What does everyone think of the new Prada Etiquette Bags? It's an entirely new collection featuring bags made in beautiful soft Calfskin and some include stud detailing. Bags also come in luxury exotics and chic Nylon variations. The main focus on the bag is the blue leather Prada labels. What do you guys think? If you have any of these bags, share your pics and reviews here.
    IMG_7868.jpg IMG_7869.jpg IMG_7870.jpg IMG_7871.jpg IMG_7872.jpg IMG_7873.jpg IMG_7874.jpg IMG_7875.jpg
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    This is the Nylon shoulder bag version of the Etiquette bag. It also features the blue leather Prada logo and comes with two adjustable straps. The sides can unzip to expand the wings and make it bigger. I am a huge fan of the bag carried by the model, there is a version that comes with a leather handle rather than the fur handle which I tried on in store.
    IMG_7845.jpg IMG_7852.jpg IMG_7853.jpg
  3. Here are some pictures of the Prada Etiquette bag in Calfskin with Studs. The bag can be worn on the shoulder and crossbody. Gigi Hadid is a big fan and has been seen numerous times carrying the white studded bag.
    IMG_7843.jpg IMG_7844.jpg IMG_7846.jpg IMG_7847.jpg IMG_7849.jpg IMG_7850.jpg IMG_7851.jpg
  4. Photos of the Prada Etiquette bag in black as featured on The leather looks so scrumptious and beautiful.
    IMG_7885.JPG IMG_7886.JPG
  5. Some photos of the Etiquette shoulder bag and flap bag as featured in the recent Prada campaign. Looks very classic. Also worn by a stylish Asian celebrity but not too sure of her name.
    IMG_7878.JPG IMG_7880.JPG IMG_7881.JPG
  6. More photos of the studded Prada Etiquette bag. It was also featured in the Prada campaign. I love that this bag comes with adjustable straps to be worn on the shoulder and crossbody. I tried on all the colours in store and pink has to be my favourite.
    IMG_7876.JPG IMG_7877.jpg IMG_7879.JPG IMG_7882.JPG IMG_7848.jpg
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  7. I really don't even need to respond. Megs knows what I think about this collection without even making a comment.
  8. Lol, i'm guessing that's a big fat no from you. :biggrin: Yeah not many people are into Prada's products lately. I've heard quality and originality is lacking. But i did try this on and the leather was beautiful, the price to me was a little high for the product though.
  9. Wow, expensive for sure, but I LOVE this collection !!!
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  10. I'm sure the leather on these bags are really nice but I don't like the new logo. It looks a little bit cheap. Just my opinion.
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  11. Agree not a fan of the logo. It's not that it looks cheap so much as it distracts from the design of the bag.
  12. Exactly.... Though I'd say it looks a LOT cheap.
  13. I dunno- I'm obsessed with the glacé calf leather. I have the medium plain leather etiquette and it's currently my favorite bag. It's heavy and retails for too much but I got mine bnwt from a reseller.
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  14. Well, I get loads of compliments every time I carry my black with studs. People are thrilled that Prada did something fresh.
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