Prada Esplanade Fall 2016 - What do you think?

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  1. I'm looking at the Prada Esplanade Bicolor City Satchel and I think its pretty beautiful. Has anyone seen one or own one? What do you think of the bag? Prada Esplanade.jpg
  2. I Like it, but would much more prefere other color combo
  3. It's beautiful and I think the price point is not too bad. I'm looking at the small black one. I saw it IRL yesterday and it's divine.
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  4. I absolutely adore this bag. I mean look at it - its so beautiful.
    Lets see if i will get it for Christmas.
  5. i think it's beautiful and the price is quite okay.
  6. finally i found a thread about this prada esplanade. i think, they have small and medium one? i'm lusting over this bag now. hhh, btw, do you guys prefer LV bags or prada bags?
  7. I bought this one 3 days ago and it was only one left in this colour. I google it Prada Espalanade Cammeo and nothing comes up. :sad: what you think?[GALLERY=media, 708]Bought it 2 days ago...Google it and can't find it this anywhere. What you ladies think of it? by TheCatWing posted Sep 30, 2016 at 7:09 PM[/GALLERY]
  8. Having had 2 LV and 2 Prada, LV are much durable,cost less and hold its value better. The hardware also on LV is much superior quality.
  9. ^^I love it!! and that color is just gorgeous!

    may I ask if you could post more pics, please? Thanks!
  10. love the colour which store did you buy this from
  11. For christmas i am between the esplande in the black & white Or a Chanel bag which is double the price. I have not seen the esplande in person so i have yet to make a decision. I think its very classy though , i have not seen the inside yet. I can't say i love it yet but i have seen the chanel bowling bag in person several times & it would be a dream if i got it, however the price would definitely be a bit of a stretch for me.
  12. Went to the store to get the Classic Double Zip in Navy, came home with this, wrong decision? IMG_1476776103.734138.jpg
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  13. I love the Esplanade - gorgeous bag! Is this bag Navy or Black?
  14. This one is black, top part calfskin and the body is saffiano, I think it doesn't come in navy. Bi-color ones look so amazing but they are too "in your face" for my-style.
  15. I have it in red and black in August. It is wonderful!
    Got a couple tricks for it too and could not be happier!