Prada eagle eyes, HELP. I don't wanna get scammed!

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  1. First choice here, I think it's real. Naturally more expensive......

    item URL:

    Second one, I too feel it's real? But I dun't know??? You evalute and see.
    Item URL:

    First one tells you where the purse came from, the second did not. So I've asked the second seller for more pictures and where/how was the purse obtained.

    :sweatdrop: Thanks in advance for your trained eyes,
  2. BTW I'm really feeling the love for this bag but I must ask you ebay sellers, how and where you get your authentic, Prada, bags and then are able to sell them on ebay at a lower price than NM or Saks?

  3. ^^^You are new here but just a heads up for future reference: the mods here frown on posting the same questions in several different forums. If you are undercertain where to post a thread, better to read the forum description carefully or ask a moderator before posting.