Prada dustbags

wellow said:
I think the prada don't use the plastic for the dustbag. I think it should be some kind of cloth.. You might want to double check whether it's legit...

I agree with Wellow. Prada does not use plastic for its dustbags. I own two Prada bags (one nylon and one suede). Both bags I purchased this year from Saks came in cotton-like dustbags. The plastic bag in Bgyoshi's pictures look like the bags used to protect and store the new merchandise. For example, when I purchased new Coach bags from the store or have it shipped to me, the first thing I see is the clear plastic bag with COACH on it. When I open it, I see layers of tissue wrapping papers, then the actual handbag. When I open the handbag, I see more tissue wrapping paper and then finally the actual dustbag.

The fact you received your bag with just a plastic bag raised my eyebrows because plastic alone is never good material to store bags in for a long length of time, especially when the temperature gets hot. Plastic sweats in hot temperature (i.e. summertime) and if there is writing on the plastic, it could transfer onto your handbag.

Another thing, I went to Neiman Marcus' website and found a similar bag to yours. When you look at it close up, the Prada nameplate is affixed to the bag. Bgyoshi's bag on the other hand, your nameplate as sewing around it. My two Prada bags don't have stitching around their triangle nameplates.

I don't have much to go on, but I am a little suspicious about this bag. :suspiciou