Prada dustbags

  1. O.k, I have that bag! I got it in june along with the vintage aviator bag.... This is the scoop: Firstly, I bought it in Balharbour in Prada, in Fla. So we can be sure mine is the real deal. There are many differences, I am going to charge my camera tonight and post pics for you so you can come to your own conclusion. Are there any peices of leather trim anywhere on your bag?,for example the buckle that connects the bag to the strap has a small leather loop hole on one side which is attached to the nylon bag itself, I didn't see that on yours, only canvas and nylon. The main difference is the emblem on the front, mine is not sewn on. There is no stitching around the prada symbol on mine. Our prada credit cards do not match up. My hardware seems really shiny compared to the picture.The shape seems rounded at the corners ,mine is not. I really hope this helps, I am not an SA, but it doesn't seem to be the same bag. I will post pics as soon as I am able to.
  2. I have owned several Prada handbags (not anymore bc their line is tanking miserably I think) and each one came with a cloth dustbag, I have never seen the plastic bag and I purchased each one directly from the Prada store (with the exception of a really fugly beige satchel that was a gift or a re-gift). If I were you, I would contact Prada direct (isn't there a 1-800 number?) and verify if the merchant you purchased from is an authorized Prada vendor or wholesaler. Then I would try to contact the merchant I purchased the questionable item from and ask why a cloth dustbag was not included with the handbag. If you get shady answers, you can report them to the Better Business Bureau at if you reside in the US and if this business is also in the US. Hope this helps and good luck!
  3. Just looked through the forum's archives, it seems that past members are satisfied with EFASHIONHOUSE.COM in the past posts of the members. Like I said I am no SA. Maybe mine is another season of the bag, do you still want pictures? It's the same bag but very different when you look closely, there are significant differences to note. :sad2:
  4. Is it possible to have the same model number of a bag but different season with differences? Because I read that older bags still have the stitching of the triangle logo on the bag while newer bags have the triangle attached directly on the bag without the leather or fabric backing.

    Also, are the numbers of the authenticity cards individual to each bag or just individual to that model? It's just so frustrating that Prada or NM won't even look at it :sad:

    There are only 2 places where there is leather on the's at the spot where the strap meets the buckle. It doesn't loop all the way around, just on one side. here's the picture. And I e-mailed and asked why a clothbag was not included and I'm waiting on a reply! Thanks again everyone!

  5. The reason why most stores do not want to authenticate an item is because of liability reasons (I personally think it is liability from incompetent sales people who work in these stores who have zero clue as to what is going on then in turn they misadvise a customer if they think a bag is really real or not, this could cause grave problems) but I would call Prada direct and ask them if the serial numbers necessarily change over time for the same bag (I do not think they change) and again try to verify if efashionhouse is legit by Prada's terms or not. I went on the website of the questioned vendor and I did not see "authenticity guaranteed" anywhere (maybe I need glasses or Lasik :wacko: ) but I would also call that website and demand to know if in the event you called Prada direct, will they validate their website and Prada products. This is not exactly the time for anyone to be operating shady BOOTLEG handbag rings bc the Luong sisters recently got busted for it...F.Y.I, I hope this is resolved in your favor!
  6. I just went back on and I think it is very strange that no where on their site do they say "authenticity guaranteed or your money back"???? Most vendors online will stipulate at least in small print somewhere on their site that is easy to see or find this statement, the customer care link doesn't even mention that. Hmmm...
  7. How exactly do I find Prada's number? There's website isn't even complete.
  8. I would call my local Prada boutique and ask for the general Prada 1-800 # and if they insist on asking why you need it, just tell them it is customer service related issue that you have already tried to resolve with them but it is beyond their scope...I will also try to get the number for you bc if this is shady (which for your sake I truly hope not). Neimans may also have it on hand bc they generally don't want to mess with designer handbag issues, they hand those off right back to the manufacturer...I will get back to you when I have more 411...We got your back!;)
  9. O.k I have 10 pictures to show you. I think you are o.k though because in my next post, with the next 5 photo's, I took a picture of my older prada napsack that has the same stitching as yours! So maybe it's just older! Good luck!:p
    prada bag 020.jpg prada bag 019.jpg prada bag 024.jpg prada bag 036.jpg prada bag 030.jpg
  10. I hope this is helping and that the last 2 photo's put you at ease.
    prada bag 038.jpg prada bag 046.jpg prada bag 048.jpg prada bag 049.jpg prada bag 050.jpg
  11. Thanks very much for all your help! And yes, the last to photos helped alot haha. I just never knew I couldn't take it into the stores for authentication because when reading forums, people are always saying "I took it into my *brand name* store and they authenticated it."...

    Anyone know if it would affect me that my authenticity card don't have a shop or date listed? Would I be able to bring that into a Prada store for repairs or anything? Thanks.
  12. Prada, if you purchased item from their boutique in person, will ship item out to Italy to get repaired, they will charge you for the fix and shipping, this happened to my friend a year ago and she was livid! Bought from the store direct and charged twice! I would double check with the store, but for your peace of mind, try calling 800 number to customer care about your problem and follow up with the online merchant regarding the dust bag and authenticity policy they may or may not have, good night & good luck!
  13. I have many prada's. This was the first one that stamped the silly card! Don't worry, just go in if you have a problem, which you won't. They are really practicle bags!:biggrin:
  14. Okay, I e-mailed efashionhouse wanting to return my bag but of course I used a coupon code which made my purchase final. And having compared it with my auntie's prada and others at Saks today, the only thing that made me nervous was that my zipper pull was made out of the material like the strap and not of leather like most Pradas. However, Anna at efashionhouse replied that she can guarantee the bag is authentic because she personally got it in Florence Italy herself. Do you guy know of any Prada that has a non-leather zipper pull? I couldn't find any at Saks today. Thanks!