Prada dustbags? How many colors do they come in?

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  1. I have seen Prada dustbags that are like a bit light pink in color with a small Prada stitched at the bottom.
    Have any of you guys had the similar dustbags?
    I thought they come in white cotton bags only and now they come in satin/ silk black.
    Just curious.
  2. Where did you see this? Got any pics?
  3. I have that light pink satin with prada stitched dust bag for my prada shoes. I am guessing they are for shoes??
  4. I know the shoes are like that pink satin color.

    I think if the bag you bought doesn't come shipped with it's bag, chances are you're getting a black one(?) that they have a big supply of in the store if you ask for one. I think generally you're getting a white one though if it comes with the bag.
  5. This bag came with this dustbag :/
  6. Where did you buy the bag?
  7. My double bag come in dark blue dust bag.

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  8. I bought it on eBay the seller had receipts of the bag. The dustbag matches the color of the card ImageUploadedByPurseForum1398299931.062457.jpg