Prada Duffel bag V20 Black

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  1. Hi I need someone to authenticate this Prada Duffle bag just arrived.I bought this from eBay seller who swears its a real thing.But when i received it i have doubts,especially the zip,it looks cheap but the rest is fine.The saffino leather looks and feels real to me. lWhat do you guys think?

    Here is the link with the pictures on it.


  2. HI ,

    i went to prada store today cus london was on sale and i was just checking out the black luggage collection and i was skeptical to see there is nothing on this version but i see loads are being sold on the net.i dont dare to ask the ppl about this version,but when i compared this to those being sold in the store,they have exaclty the same material and shine(logo) ,stitch and the zip!!.

    Can someone shed a light on this duffle bag?

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.