Prada drawstring tote!!!!

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  1. So what you guys think? It's so much prettier in person. Not as "pumpkiny" ... A large bag ... the one I like is the same but with one strap. It's $1160....for nylon :wacko: but all leather aren't worth the mark-up either! I'm going to get her tomorrow...I think. You likey? :love:

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  2. Yes, I like the way this looks so squashy and kind of licorice-y. I've kind of stopped buying much nylon, myself, though.
  3. Great! Now I'm hungry too :nuts:
    I do like the nylon for summer...and ohhh, the leather was soooo soft. LIKE BUTTA. LOL.... :smile:
  4. is it the brand that you like? because i got a kate spade maddie that looks similar... the kate spade is pretty small so im not sure what size you wanted. it's nylon after all...
  5. Probably part brand but mostly style. This is large at about 16 wide, 13 high...and I could still like it bigger. But I'll check out the kate. Thanks!
  6. oh then the maddie is way too small. it's like 8" X 6"!
  7. I like the style/shape, but prefer the leather. But if you like it, you should definitely get it. If I were to buy a nylon bag, it would be from Prada.
  8. It appears to be large enough to carry a lot of stuff.... Congrats on your future purchase!
  9. I've always liked Prada. But I have a hard time paying that much for nylon. (this coming from someone who just bought a mock crock furla)
  10. I love the luggage tag and I adore Prada
  11. Thanks guys!
    I thought about the nylon issue....let's take a MJ handbag...the leather is fab and is lined with suede...but is the leather alone worth $1200? no way...It's the name and only to an extent that materials...But it's still I think I'll go for it. I have so many other things i SHOULD spend the money on...but whatever! :biggrin:
    It is fairly big...which by normal people terms is huge :P Thanks again!
  12. I love this bag by Prada...for a long time, I have been somewhat standoffish about Prada...thinking that they were getting way too conservative, etc...but, this bag is gorgeous in real life...and it's classy, and will stnad the test of time....yet it's very stylish...go for it...
  13. oops...typo...."stand the test of time"