Prada double zip tote - the stitch under the button?

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  1. #1 Apr 23, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2016
    Hi all!

    I just recently got a used prada double zip lux tote in the cammeo color from a friend who's always been really into handbags. She has a bunch of chanel and prada so I didn't doubt the authenticity but then I landed on this video on youtube ( which says if you have a stitch under your button then the bag is a fake. I've only seen two videos on youtube (lvlovercc cammeo review and a random review with an argilla) where it does look like they have this stitch under the button, but majority of all the photos and videos i've seen all do not have this stitch!

    Now I'm worried that I am carrying around a fake bag. and if it is fake, I can't believe my friend would gift me that. Please advise TPF!:sweatdrop:


    *the color is actually cammeo - my camera just takes really dull photos so it looks grey here lol
  2. Prada double zip owners, please lmk if you guys have that stitch as well
  3. I don't have a stitch on mine. That said, perhaps your friend didn't know it was a fake. I think you have a really generous friend and it's a shame that you are doubting her. Just ask her where she got it if you think it's a fake or give it back and say you can't accept such a generous gift. If she is really your friend, that conversation shouldn't be an issue and if I were your friend and came across this thread, I would be really upset at your insinuations.
  4. The stitch, or lack of it, has nothing to do with authenticity. Depends on the year/season. If you want it authenticated post it in the Authenticate this Prada thread with the correct photos as explained in post #1 of that thread.
  5. well her wealthy aunts and uncle buy them for her like in christmas, birthdays, graduations, etc. so she has a bunch of handbags but nothing she bought herself. so you're probably right that she didn't know since she's not that knowledgeable on them. i buy her almost every single meal for her when we hang out for the past 3 years since she doesn't have a job even though we're the same age, but for my birthday she gave me one of her handbags she doesn't use which was this one i posted. she has the same prada saffiano double zip lux tote in two other colors so i never really doubted it until this video laid it down that it's absolutely fake if it has the button stitch. i'm relieved to hear that it might differ depending on the year it was made though. thanks anyway though.
  6. Just bought a prada bag same as you have when I was in Italy last week and the stich is just like yours :smile: so I dont think you should worry about it got mine in Prada store in florence
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    Thats the stitch on my Saffiano Lux

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  8. awesome!! thank you for the detailed photo, I appreciate it. beautiful bag :woohoo:
    is that also the cammeo? I'm in love with this color - does the inside of your bag have a light pink logo plate?
  9. hi may i know what is the model of your bag? is there any authenticity card?
    and where was your bag made in?
  10. #11 Apr 24, 2016
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    I THINK it's the bn2774, but I can't even be sure bc there is no authenticity card. It's the model thats like medium but it came with a strap. I can measure the bag when I'm home if that will help you with the model. There is a black tag that says made in Italy inside the bag then there's this white tag number 175?

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  11. I mean there's also this small black envelope that was inside the pocket but there were only instructions and stuff in bunch of languages

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  12. Hi yes mine is in cammeo as well

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  13. That would be great, if you could share the measurements
    Its good to know that your bag is made in italy
    some of the prada doesnt have the made in tag
    my bag will arrive soon
    hopefully it will have the made in tag and it is made in italy
    *fingers crossed*
  14. Mine also have that stitch
    Will post some piclater
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