Prada Double Cuir

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  1. Hi TPFers,

    I am looking to purchase the Double Cuir in medium soon. In terms of the quality for the bag, what are your thoughts on this? I am also considering to purchase the bag in either black with the red interior or the pomice with black interior. Which do you prefer and why? Can you please also post me your bag and posing photos? :smile: there aren't too many on this forum.

  2. Bump. Quiet forum. I had a look at the Sac De Jour over the weekend and the quality seems better against the Prada. The Prada Double I saw already had a few cracks on the edges!
  3. Try to find older threads, I have 2 double cuir bags and I am very pleased with the quality :smile:
    Definitely to recommend!
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  4. Hi Zucnarf, thanks for responding! Yep I've seen other threads. There's not much info regarding the pomice colour however. What colours do you have and have you got photos of yours? :smile:
  5. I have black with red interior and camel with red interior. My black one is large size and camel is medium. I prefer medium and wish I had bought the black one in medium.
    Will post pics!
  6. IMG_1489319312.008782.jpg
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  7. Thank you :smile:
    The size of the black one is perfect for A4 papers.
    When it's full loaded, yes, it is heavier then the camel one a lot.
    I find camel one perfect size for every day and not too heavy.

    I adore the look black with red, such a classy work bag.
  8. Now I plan to buy a color pomice :smile:
  9. Pomice is apparently a seasonal colour when I asked last week. They didn't have any available to purchase :/

    I'm looking to buy my new Prada this weekend. Will post pics!

    Thanks for your help :smile:
  10. Is the pomice and cammeo the same color?
  11. Pomice is a light grey. Cameo is a nude pink.
  12. Thank you :smile:
  13. So I just purchased my Prada double cuir, to be picked up tomorrow in the black with red lining. The bags they had available at the department Prada store weren't the best quality! I noticed there was a black with a slight leather discolouration where a small part of the black was light than the rest. There were two other bags where one had a crack on the edge at the fold and the one on display had a scratch on it. I had to go to the actual Prada store and request for a good black one I found to be transferred across to the department store I want to purchase from since my friend could get a staff discount. Did anyone do these quality checks prior to buying the bag?
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