Prada Double Cuir Wear and Tear

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  1. Hi ladies, I've had my beloved Prada Double Cuir bag in Pomice (grey) for nearly 1 month now and have been carrying it every week day for work.

    I wondered if anyone else has had difficulties in keeping its shape on the rounded parts at the bottom of the bag. I don't carry a huge amount in my bag but find that items which aren't entirely smooth (like keys, umbrella etc) tend to show as a slight protrusion in the leather from the outside. As my bag is pale in colour, it is of course more noticeable in the grey than it would be in a darker colour.

    It's not misshaping the bag as such but I know with Saffiano leather, if you get a crease or a dent in it then that crease/dent is pretty much there for the life of the bag.

    This probably sounds like such a picky issue but I don't tend to baby my bags so don't want to be worrying about throwing things in there all the time.

    I'm thinking about putting something in the bottom of the bag to help it retain it's shape and to pad out the rounded parts but I'm not sure what I could use.

    Your thoughts and advices would be greatly welcomed :smile:
  2. Hi, I just bought the same bag in Mare last month, been using it non stop and I just found the saffiano leather on the edges is slightly ripped of. i don't baby my bag at all, but is it normal?

    Also i don't experience any misshaping, maybe because my bag is in mini size.

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  3. You should definitely take your bag to the Prada store and ask them to check it. I bought one in the color Orchidea and the after two uses the leather on the handle is a bit ripped off (just some dark spots but since it's a pale pink color they are pretty visible). I was told that it might be because my hands were wet or I was wearing hand cream when carrying the bag (which I was). The SA told me that they could send my bag to the repair center but likely there is nothing they can do about it. If if a problem with stitching, edge coating or the hardware they will be able to replace or repair. Naturally I'm pretty upset because who would have thought wearing hand cream would be an issue...
    Btw, I live in Hong Kong but I bought the bag in Germany. They have a global repair warranty for two year.
  4. I tried to wiped my handbag bottom edges with baby wipes and it got better a bit. I mean the discoloration is still there but it definitely worth a try. I guess it just gets dirty because I often put it on the floor, and made it slightly ripped off.
    I guess the main problem is our handbags are light color and it gets dirty easily.

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  5. Thanks for the tip. You're right -- if the bags are black or navy then you wouldn't have noticed. I've been told that some professional service can dye your bags. I might consider this when my bag gets unbearably dirty.
  6. I have 2 double cuir bags and their edges are fine.
  7. Yes, maybe it's my fault because I often put the bag on the floor. I know, my bad