Prada Double Clip Messenger

  1. After 2 weeks of self debating, I've finally gotten the Prada Black Double Clip Messenger... The Logo Jacquard carryall was sadly unavailable, but I doubt I would have been happy with that. So, it was down to the single clip and the double clip.

    I decided against the single clip as the single clip carries a lot less then the double clip, and I love the fact that the double clip has a lock and compartments.


    Now, it can match my black Prada pouch.. Yippee!!
  2. Congrats on your first Prada bag!
  3. Awesome! Post pics!!
  4. Love it!! :heart::p
    I was deciding between that one and the single clip.. I ended up going with the single clip!
  5. Heh, so did I...
  6. A teeny bit bulky, but I love the compartments... =)