Prada double bag reveal

  1. Who is up to reveal this beautiful double bag ? Just bring her home today can't wait to take it out 😍❤️❤️❤️
  2. Wow congratz! She's gorgeous! Pls update us on its wear and tear.. pls.. pls.. pls..
  3. Gorgeous! Congrats
  4. I love the contrast coloring! Fantastic!
  5. She's beautiful!!
  6. Love it....would love to hear more..
  7. Thank you [= and I probably won't use her a lot though ...

  8. Thank you 😁

  9. Yeah I decided to get this color because red and blue definitely are good combinations [= you can dress up and down with this bag..... I was debating between this and Caramel-red

  10. Yeah I agreed 😁

  11. Will keep update when I take her out 😁
  12. Very pretty bag - congratulations!
  13. Love the color and bag!

  14. Thank you =]

  15. I was debating between caramel and this blue but I decide to get blue and red 😁