Prada Double Bag - 2756

  1. I love the new Prada Double Bag. Having the contrasting red leather interior is :love:
    However I'm still not sure I love having fixed top handles on the bag because after a while the handles will sag a bit with use. And with the price of $2650 US I think you need to love every inch of the bag.

    What is everyone's thoughts on this bag?
  2. I just saw this bag two days ago and I like it a lot. It's lightweight and the contrast red lining is classy. I don't have issues with fixed handles as I've had similar tote bags and don't mind it. I however wasn't able to get the bag over my shoulder with my winter coat on. Just something to consider if you were intending to carry it that way.
  3. I saw it and it is very pretty
  4. I love the look of this bag, but I'm not sure what I think of that center pocket (I think it's a pocket?). I think I'd rather have it along the back with one, big open space...rather than split into two.
  5. Beyond the contrasting lining, it's a very ordinary, ho-hum kind of bag that could be purchased out of any designer's line, especially given that obscene price tag and Prada's track record for lousy manufacturing the past several years, especially with saffiano items.
  6. could you please link me to a black leather tote with red leather interior from another designers line? I'd love to buy something like this but not with the price tag :love:
  7. That's a gorgeous bag!
  8. Note the "beyond the contrasting lining" comment. I was referring to the silhouette of the bag being quite ordinary and being available in other designer's lines. If you're insistent on the red lining, I have no idea which designer might have that. I stand by my comment that it's too much for too little where Prada is concerned these days.
  9. I agreed with PP....looks ordinary, just the bag being lighter and is full leather inside out.

    Don't understand y Prada has to give such hefty price tag for their bags, eg is their saffiano range which i think is ridiculously overpriced & mass produced.

    Dior has such similar coloured lining? Dioriss....something, seen it somewhere and comes with shoulder strap. That is what i called affordable luxury.
  10. The contrasting red interior is gorgeous indeed.
    Salvatore Ferragamo has a similar bag with a lower price tag!! :smile:
    eqzoom85.jpg eqzoom85 (1).jpg
  11. I think the bag looks nice but also rather ordinary. For the hefty price point, I would have expected something more. Prada bags (in fact all designer bags) are super over priced.
  12. Ooooo! That's nice! And it's actually Made in Italy! :graucho:

    PS: Just looked through Bloomies Ferragamo handbags. Clearly they're mimicking Prada silhouettes along with a few other major designers, but they've got some nice bags.
  13. Is that ferragamo also a leather interior? If so, very classy! And the zips help with security too. There was a point I wanted a ferragamo purse when shopping for my husband's wallet (ended up buying him one from ferragamo) but maybe I will reconsider ferragamo again for the future...
  14. Ok then! On a side note all I ever see you do on the Prada forum these days is complain about Prada and put the brand down. If you're that unhappy with the brand just chill and move to another subforum because your negativity is loud and clear and we got it already.
  15. I love this bag! Thank you for showing it. I'm going to try and see one in person :biggrin: