prada dilemma

  1. Hello everyone... It's my first blog in this forum and it is great to know that I am not the only one out there with this purse addiction... My bf thinks I am crazy because I always NEED a new purse every couple months. Now I can tell him I'm not the only one!!!:angel:

    Here is my dilemma... There are 2 prada purses that I want and I can't decide between the 2 of them... One of them is the calf leather satchel in black/brown (?), and the other one I'm not sure what the name is, but it's very similar except it's larger and longer. I'm 5'4 and 105 lbs. I like the calf leather satchel, but I wanted a larger bag, but I think the other one might be too large for me... HELP??? :confused1:
  2. Try them both out..Put all your stuff inside the bags to help you chose which bag is better for you.Post pics so we can help more too
  3. the first purse is the one in the picture... (the calf leather satchel) the second purse I think is the same one that decophile(?) has. It looks very similar to the antic cervo satchel, but it's in black leather...