Prada Diagramme or Gucci Marmont

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Gucci Marmont flap bag og Prada Diagramme flap bag

  1. Prada Diagramme flap bag

    5 vote(s)
  2. Gucci Marmont flap bag

    3 vote(s)
  1. I can’t decide between the Gucci Marmont bag or det Prada Diagramme flap bag.

    I really like the marmont, but I’m scared it will be outdated in a few year. While the prada diagramme flap bag seems more timeless.
    Or am I wrong?
    I really can’t decide
  2. I don't think you will regret buying any of these bags but I would go for the prada diagramme for a long-term use
  3. I don’t think the Prada is any more classic than the Marmont. Really just a personal choice as to what makes your heart sing.
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  4. I just received the Prada Diagramme Camera Bag today and already had the Gucci Marmont Camera Bag and hands down the Prada is just a bad a$$ looking bag. I see both being timeless not trendy at all. Go with the one that you cannot stop thinking about.
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  5. Both are timeless. I don’t think the Gucci will look dated at all, and I echo that sentiment with Prada too. Both are gorgeous. Really loving the Prada at the moment because it’s not everything like the Marmont is
  6. Have you checked out both in person? If you have the possibility to take a look at both I would do so.
    Apart from that I must say I love the Prada Diagramme line! The flap with the chain through the loops is very trendy right now, but me too I worry that it could be dated some time down the line. I’m thinking about getting the Diagramme camera bag , hoping that it is more timeless.
  7. Lovebags00, did you keep the diagramme camera bag? In which colour? How do you like it so far?
  8. The Prada diagramme is not as common as the Gucci marmont. I have had it since March and have not seen anyone else have it. Also the Gucci has a longer strap which can look unwieldy
  9. I was definitely in the same boat as you, and have had both bags, and here's what i thought:
    - depends if you're a gold or a silver person, gucci marmont being gold and prada being silver
    - both shapes and extremely similar and the matalasse pattern is ALMOST the same
    - diagramme is definitely not as common as the marmont, which i personally really liked
    - diagramme chain is thicker and chunkier than marmont
    - i personally felt like the GG on the marmont is just a trend thing, and likely wont' be around in the next few years, where the prada logo is a bit more classic (just a personal thought)

    I was experiencing some issues with my prada diagramme strap. i wear a lot of white and light colours and the chain strap was tarnishing and leaving black marks all over my clothing. i only had my bag for 3 weeks at that point and after a bit of discussion, prada ended up exchanging the bag for a brand new one. UNFORTUNATELY...i'm experiencing the same issues with the new bag. black marks from the chain strap rubbing off on all my clothes. I've been told that this is the first time they're hearing/seeing this issue, but i'm just not sure how many people even have the bag! So sadly, I've had to return the bag back to prada...I still LOVE the look of the bag, it's just unfortunate that i was experiencing those issues with the strap
  10. They are both beautiful bags. Go where your heart takes you. Good luck in your decision. :smile:
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