Prada delivery at my house today!LOL!

  1. My SA sent me 2 bags and a belt..LOVES THE BELT! The frame bag is like BUTTER soft!BUT its the BIGGER version..Im going to get the slightly smaller one.Its so mushy and soft!
    The nylon is just OK.The green isnt the best color IRL.Belt is wearing it tomorrow!LOL!

  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. The frame bag just looks so soft even in the pic. You're getting that bag but a smaller version? Nice belt--congrats!
  6. ^thanks..Yep-I screwed up and had them send the TOO big one..LOL..Its TDF leather.
    The color is amazing too...
  7. The nylon is OVER 900 dollars..eek.I believe the belt is 455.The Frame is 1700ish
  8. More Jill!!!!! I'm so jealous! J/K.
    Didn't know that this frame bag comes in 2 sizes. This one doesn't have the strings on the sides? The tote looks like it's can be hand-carried if the extra strap is not used.

    Congrats on the belt. =)
  9. Yikes!! :wtf: Over 900! That's too much for nylon, IMO. Love the leather bag and belt, tho.
  10. I agree.the nylon is a tad high price wise
  11. That is one gorgeous belt!
  12. Hi Jill...

    Congratulations on a *gorgeous* bag!!! I Love it! Hope you get the size you want and love that one too. The leather looks just scrumptious!! Enjoy.:yes:

    ps! love the belt too!
  13. Oh Jill I love the brown one! That is soooo pretty!
  14. Oh, Jill...i do love that belt. Too bad it does does come in my size:shame: . Now that i am going back to full time nites....gym here i come. maybe maybe by the summer i can fit into one, until then i can just admire yours when you wear it. You have the best taste in fashion, your collection and additions are always to be admired and drooled over.
  15. I saw a wallet made of exactly that frame bag brown leather soft mushy material, going for a big discount! Its abt 200 after discount. Darn should have got it! But thought it was a bit too mature for my taste then.