Prada deerskin hobo gaufre - still hot?

  1. Hi girls/boys!
    I just bought the black hobo deersking gaufre on 50% sale. I just fell in love at the first sight..... Do you think the style is classic? Since the price was still quite high I like to tell myself that this is something that I will use for many seasons :confused1:

  2. I love Prada Napa Gauffre!!! I think it is forever. :smile: I don't like Nylon bags so I never paid attention to Prada until Gauffre came out. I love Prada leather bags, especially Gauffre line. You will never go wrong with Gauffre bags.
  3. Look at Jill's post on the grey/lavender gauffres - I think they're around for awhile longer ....