!!! not just a pretty face!!!

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  1. so when did stop being such a waste of internet space and become a great website where you can now see the products and buy stuff too??? click on gifts for purchases...:heart:
  2. oops... not yet available to the u.s. but good news for tpf members whose countries are on the list or who have friends/family who will receive and forward items along... that stuff is so cute...
  3. i don't understand why more of these high fashion websites don't sell their own products, like, and even now!!! Especially for people in UK like me, access to big department stores are hard if you don't live in London. It makes buying a bag so much harder
  4. Edited: Oops, never mind, just found the "gifts" section. Cool!
  5. just saw the site myself yesterday. the range is not a lot or i missed them somewhere...