charity auctions

  1. Have you looked at recently? It seems that every mondays, wednesday and fridays they are making prototypes of clothing, shoes or bags available for 1-week auction. You can browse pictures and directly bid online on the site.

    Money will be given to San Raffaele fundation, wich is a medical research institute.
    It's an amazing initiative! I can't wait to tell it to my husband who thinks that "The Devil is Prada"

  2. download of some micromedia thing failed! what is that mean? i can't open the site! normally i have no trouble!
  3. It is great that Prada is doing this.
  4. oh crud..I like that purple bag...LOL......
  5. They added a great patent fade bag today -- but watching those idiots bid against themselves is really rather painful !! Also, the auction clock is funny. At the end of two auctions yesterday it reset to 23 hours left when it was over. Rather like the mechanical nuances of owning a Fiat or Ferrari ;)
  6. I registered there..I may bid on that purple bag..LOL..UGH