Prada Clutch

  1. Hi there ladies, anyone have any info on these clutches. I've been going on a crazy clutch binge lately!! I know these hasn't been fan favorites, but any info would be appreciated. As I don't even know what to call them when I call my Prada store. Plus, here in the great white north, we don't get the best of selections. Thanks a bunch :yes:
  2. Oooops, here are pics.......................
    5.jpg 3.jpg
  3. hhm, good questions. To be honest, I've never seen those before..Maybe Jill or another prada afficianado can help..?:confused1:

    Have you tried calling around different stores?
  4. This is a first, I'm going to answer my own question. They apparently are in, and it's $995 CND for one. And they can order in the colours. Brown, Black, Green, Orange, and Pink, so far.

    I'm getting one on Tues, hope someone else will get one too, so I won't be too lonely!!! :nuts:
  5. I just saw the black one in Madrid. You can ware it crossbody. Great!!! They had 3 in the window. And they didn't want to sell me any!!! I was so pissed off. Now I'm waiting for the call from boutique. Anyway it's a lovely bag. The bow is so cute.
  6. :confused1::confused1::wtf: They didn't want to see you the bag?!! Uh, aren't they a boutique WANTING to make some $??
  7. How come they didn't sell it to you. Is it even an OPTION!?!?!?! Seriously, sometimes u don't know if you should blame the SA, the store, or it's policies!!! That sucks!! I'm still back and forth about the bag, I talk myself in and out of it. But now that you can wear it cross-body, I'm in again. I thought I saw a body strap on the ad. But thanks so much for the info! Hope you'll end up being my clutch buddy!! :tup:
  8. I hope hope you get the clutch you want.
  9. The SA said that they had their window just "made up" so it's impossible to ruin the whole composition!!!! I can't understand the idea. And there were 3 of the same model. Pure stupidyty!
  10. I love, love, LOVE this clutch! Any new sightings? Anyone have pics? I will look at NM tomorrow!
  11. how cute. I want one in black.
  12. LOL those are crazy! I was confused for a where does the bag begin and where's her hand? lol.
  13. I really like these and think I'm going to get in line for one! :tup:
  14. I love these clutches! The orange is my favorite. How much are they in USD?
  15. The slow poke that is me finally got around to taking A pic!! HAHAHA!!! I still haven't gotten around to using it. It's really the size of a hand, and comes with a shoulder strap so it can be worn 2 ways. I love it, but still have no where to go with it yet! :crybaby:
    Prada Bow Clutch.JPG