Prada Clutch (the BIG one)

  1. I know there's a thread going on about the small bow-clutch, but does anyone like the BIG one?
    They're selling it at styledrops in nudo-shade:
    It also has a strap and you can wear it on shoulder.
  2. Not my personal style..I prefer the bow clutch more.
  3. agree, the bow is much cuter :smile: thanks for sharing
  4. The bigger looks more like a "day clutch" wich is the style I'm looking for this season.
    The small bow clutch is cute too, but it looks like a purse on me....
  5. big size is better for me but I like the bow very much so I would prefer the small one because of that
  6. I went to both Prada's store in Milan yesterday and they didn't have it! They sold them all!
    The SA sayd they're quite out of stock becouse they've a lot of trade fairs.....????
    So I called the Venice store: they have it! I'll jump there to see how it looks on me and keep you informed.
    BTW: they're selling small-bow clutches like pizzas.....(I mean, a lot, one after the other).
  7. It's nice, but not really my style.
  8. It looks very chic. I am debating between this one and the bow clutch.
  9. ^I would def. choose the bow
  10. I really like it. I find it very cute.