Prada Clutch: Satin/Patent Leather???

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Which of the clutch should I get?

  1. Patent Leather

  2. Satin

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi everyone,

    I had been craving for a Prada clutch after I've seen it in Elle (or Vogue, I forgot). And I just gotten a patent leather one from Saks. But when I saw that they've the satin ones online, I am confused. Is it more classic to get the patent leather or satin???

    Btw, I was wearing a manolos patent d'orsay, and had actually gotten the clutch because it matched my shoes, but I'm having doubts now as it was a rather impulse purchase.

  2. Here's the pictures:


    Patent Leather
  3. I think the patent is a dressier look that would also work for nighttime. Do you need a clutch to go with your Manolos? The satin is more casual to me. both are cute!
  4. I like the patent much better. The satin seems too plain.
  5. I like the Patent....its sharp!!!!
  6. i prefer the patent one too!:yes::yes:
  7. Normally..I hate patent..but I like this patent one better than the satin..its cute!
  8. The patent is much nicer than the satin!
  9. I think the vote is unanimous... Patent it is.. I won't return it then!

    Thanks ladies!!!
  10. since you were asking which is more classic, I would say satin--but keep the patent!
  11. glad you decided to keep the patent :heart:

    i saw it at Saks on fri and it is a stunner! :heart:
  12. I voted Satin...but it was a very close call...glad to hear you kept the's GORGEOUS!
  13. Both of them are so pretty! I want to get one myself but I have to say I like satin one better.
  14. i think the patent will hold up better.. just remember to store it in its dustbag!