1. Hey Ladies,

    These were my first PRADA purchases. I'm pretty new in the game to designer bags/shoes. My taste is a bit edgy/classic.

    Question: Are these shapes pretty classic?

    I sometimes feel as if the first two shapes kind of resemble a dog bone (the way the outer edges look when the middle is covered by an arm.) Or, Maybe I'm analyzing too much (haha).

 zzz11.jpg prada small3.jpg
  2. shapes are classic..Id have to say fabric makes it or breaks it with trendiness(Metallic...animal print tend to b more trendy than a classic black nylon)
  3. Jill,

    Thanks for your feedback!:flowers:

    I'm not too worried about the material, only because I love animal print, patent leather, metallics etc. (They just suit my personality...and personality=style/fashion...right! :wlae:

    I know there are "classier" PRADA bags, but I just feel as though classic shapes will carry you further than classic
  4. Jill took the words out of my mouth. I was basically going to say the same thing.

    I have to disagree that a classic shape will over-ride the metallic or animal print. That sort of detailing jumps out before the shape or styling of the bag would. If it suits you that's fine, but if you really want something classic, plain, uncomplicated leather is the way to go.

    If you want to take it to the ridiculous, think of the Holy Grail handbag: the Hermes Birkin. If for some reason Hermes decided to put it out in an animal print or metallic finish Birkin for a season or two, everyone would be able to date it. A simple black leather is timeless. I saw a Birkin recently that was plain black leather. It could have been purchased last week. As it was, the bag is over 30 years old (very well maintained obviously). See what I mean?
  5. A little off subject, but I LOVE the leopard print bag!!!!
  6. Very true. Thanks for all your feedback, ladies! Much appreciated. :flowers:

    I guess I don't mind the "unconventionally" used material for these PRADA bags only because I hope to get a "timeless" black CHANEL handbag in the future. :graucho: