Prada classic bags

  1. What would you consider a Prada classic handbag?
  2. Prada has always been known for its durable yet classy nylon bags. It seems to be their trademark IMO. Would really love an all-leather prada but havent seen anything that I fancy and within my budget:rolleyes: But when I need a throw-around, casual, everyday bag especially during rainy days, Prada is always my choice.
  3. Angel -- depends on what you mean by classic. Some people I think would say that Chanel and Hermes are the two really "classic" bags -- that said, I own Prada, don't own Hermes and Chanel -- I'm not a conservative dresser, etc. But I think they do make more "it" bags than classic "own for ten years the styles will be similiar or the same" bags. Workmanship for Prada is right up there tho -- they're beautiful bags and really well crafted.
    Ducking ! Don't shoot me Prada people -- just trying to be objective :smile:
    What do you think Angel ??
  4. I would say all the nylon is classical.
  5. Would you say that the antic cervo is a classic?
  6. IMO its not a classic. I'm not really attracted to the distressed look.