Prada Cheetah Hobo and Frame Bag for Fall 2006

  1. Hey Prada lovers. :P I was wondering if anyone knows where the Prada Cheetah Frame bag is being sold for Fall 2006. I looked on Neiman Marcus, Saks, etc., but I only see the Prada Cheetah Hobo bag, for about $1800. That's adorable too, but I really like the structure of the frame bag. I saw the Cheetah Frame bag in Shop Etc. magazine and I recall that it's around $2400 or something like that. The Cheetah Frame bag in that article was the large size. Does anyone know if the Cheetah Frame bag comes in a medium size, too? Or actually, most importantly, where can I buy one (besides a Prada store?) I was really close to purchasing the Cheetah Hobo, but I'm holding out to try to locate a frame bag--preferably in the medium size, if Prada made one! Thanks!! :heart:
  2. My SA just sent me pics of some of those bags..they are at Prada broadway store In NY,ask for SADA..she can email you pics of it.1-212-334-8888
  3. Thanks Jill! How do you pronounce Sada? Is it say-da or sad-a? (I just don't want to butcher her name...)

    Does anyone know if the Leopard Frame Bag comes in a medium size?
  4. say- dah
  5. Don't know if you checked the Prada boutique yet, but I saw that mag/pic too - absolutely TDF! The article says it's available from Barneys also: 888-822-7639. Didn't mention mediums...
  6. I think the one with fringe (frame bag) is on eBay. :yes:
  7. I saw that one on ebay. Very pretty! I think it's actually giraffe print though. The seller advertises it as cheetah.

    This is the one, right? eBay: NWT$1825 PRADA Limited Runway Cheetah Fringe Bag Purse (item 180018018361 end time Aug-20-06 19:43:49 PDT)

    I would also like to know if the Prada CHEETAH frame bag comes in medium size. I also saw that in the magazine ad but it would be too big inh the large size. I think the hobo style CHEETAH is very cute as well but I enjoy the structure offered by the frame style. No Prada stores near me, I will have to phone a boutique.
  8. ^^ yes, that was the one. Cheetah, Giraffe who can tell the difference! :lol: Good luck finding your bag.
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