Prada CHAT Thread

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  1. I personally love it! Its very unique and i think would look even better after this style is discontinued!!
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  2. I agree.
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  3. Thanks Hope_2294 and Bratty1919, that has helped alleviate my worries ☺️

    I really love the bag!
  4. Hi! I’m newbies here :flowers: Every time I heard about “Prada” I’ll straight away remember this movie:yucky::yucky::yucky:
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  5. It was a great book! I thought the movie cast was great; especially Meryl Streep & Stan Tucci :smile:
  6. Hello I can across your post and I am currently investigating the same- will my 13” MacBook fit in the medium double bag, did you ever get an answer?
  7. Does anyone know if they still make BN2274 galleria bag?
  8. Hello. I’m pretty new with Prada in general. Has anyone here owned a Prada Vitello Move Flap Wallet with Strap? Just wondering on hm can you fit inside? And if it can fit ang iphone x, etc?


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  9. Hello, does anyone know where I can repair my nylon bag, the inside lining has a tear, need to be restitched, I am in SoCal. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  10. Many saddle shops/Western stores have good-to-great repair folks. I’ve used mine here in ID many times with no issues.
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  11. Has anyone owned a Prada Saffiano Lux Tote in Peonia? Is it okay for every day wear? Take note that its always summer where I live.

  12. ok, thank you, i will look into it.
  13. Does anyone have any thoughts on this Prada beauty? I am a newbie and do not have much experience with purchasing handbags. Would love your expert opinion on this.
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  14. I have this in grey and I love it
    Can get a bit heavy so I don't over fill it.
    Wears beautifully and I've had it for a year and a half but I do rotate my bags
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  15. I o
    Thanks @StylishMD for the feedback. I ordered this yesterday in red color. It felt much lighter than my other Prada bags. Hopefully I find the same when I use it. I will not be using this lets see how durable it is. I am pretty nervous reading all the reviews about saffiano leather. I just didn't like any other bag.
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