Prada CHAT Thread

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  1. I have the Galleria bag, and my 15" MacBook Pro fits. The height of the laptop goes all the way to the top of the bag. So if you have a smaller Mac it will definitely fit.
  2. Hi all!

    I am new to this forum so apologies if this is in the wrong place!!

    I went to Harrods yesterday and saw these BEAUTIFUL velvet Prada bags, I can't seem to find them on the Prada you know if they might be a Harrods exclusive/has anyone seen these anywhere else?! I cannot believe how stunning they are.
    IMG_0674.JPG IMG_0675.JPG
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  3. Can't help you with info, but had to agree on the total WOW! factor of these bags
  4. Have been poking around looking for appropriate place to ask about bag refurbishment. I saw something on a previous thread about thrifting a dyed bag.
    Is dying/painting common in the resale/pre-loved market? Has anyone tried it? Thoughts?
  5. i bought a beautiful prada saffiano tote but have yet to wear it. i'm too afraid of ruining it. </3
  6. Got this floral tote, wore it twice, the colored pattern becomes sticky in average summer weather (88F) and tears apart by itself. The customer service replied that it was an ordinary wear and tear! Never buying prada again!
  7. Since I'm unable to post a thread (insufficient privileges). May I ask if there is a possibility for unique shoes (runway collection to be repaired? My SS 12 Kiltie Golf Shoes' soles destroyed itself but the uppers still usable.
  8. If u have the other piece a cobbler may be able to fix it.
  9. Sorry to hear that! I almost bought that too thank you the warning.
  10. Hello all,
    What's the consensus on using a local generic repair shop for repairs vs. sending to a place for repair that specializes in Prada and/or upscale bags in general? And as for the latter, anyone have a place they can recommend?
    The zipper on my first Prada needs to be repaired.
  11. Another question: purchased a canvas and leather Prada from an auction, has a couple of stains that look like coffee or tea if I were to guess.
    Any advice as to what's best to use to attempt to remove these stains?
    Thanks :smile:
  12. hello,
    im a newbie to this forum.could you all help me to verify this jacket authentic or not.i got from my uncle & want to sell it but i dont know either original or not.i dont want selling fake item.thanks
    IMG_20171115_115953_HDR.jpg IMG_20171115_120458_HDR.jpg IMG_20171115_120847.jpg IMG_20171115_120912.jpg
  13. I´m eying this prada bag (medium size) Is the colour cameo more beige champagne or more blush /nude rose ?
    I´m also eying the cherry one..
    Would you recommend this bag? does it have flaws or what about colour transfer? I had lighter saffiano bags (cream, beige..) from MK in the past and I haven´t had any problems with colour transfer but the saffiano of MK is more "hard" and not that soft as the prada one so that´s why I´m afraid it could get easier transfer...
    I would like to order it from (because it´s 300 euros cheaper) but I would not have the 1-2 year warranty from Prada compared to when I buy this bag directly at Prada.. Did you have any problems with this bag within 1-2 years?
    Do you know if prada has also sales on their bags in the store or not (expecially on this bag)?
    Thank you for your help

  14. Sorry I’ve not seen these in another store but they are gorgeous!
  15. Hello

    Would love your opinions! The Prada cahier in Black leather- is it too faddy? I love it but I don’t want a bag that will look dated in a year or so

    Thanks all!
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