Prada CHAT Thread

  1. thank you ssc!

    let me know if you do find a pic! :biggrin:
  2. S - why don't you call them and have them email you a pic!
  3. SSC
    That NM list can't be from quantity sold, as that Valentino bow hobo just came out, so think it's based on a designer or buyer's rendition of top 10 bags.

    Would love to see the Prada that you are talking about. Troy is at Somerset Mall, place we were talking about earlier.

    Glad you had fun at the game, when that stadium was first built was considered one of the best stadiums in baseball, but probably showing its age now.
  4. Note from Joanna, mostly helping me through my grieving process of not getting the Visone bag :sad:, but she attached this at the end.....

    I've been getting a ton of inquiries about the Nappa Gaufre, I had to make a special order for them. Since Italy is on vacay right now they will be done producing them in September, so we are expected to get it around the end of Sept. The main ones I reordered is the E/W BN1407 Nero, taller E/W BN1336 Nero, and the new one you purchased, BN1789 Bambu and Nero. If there are any other customers who are seriously interested in purchasing one, now is the time to get on the wait list!
  5. Longchamp> you mean email Joanna on the wait list or yourself?
    Do you happen to know if there will be any price changes?
  6. Note is from Joanna, email her. I think the last price increase is it for awhile, but will need to ask her.
  7. glad to hear that you love it IRL. i will HAVE to get it then. i'm saving every penny for this beauty... i'm turning 25 in the end of sept... no pressure... this beauty will be a nice bday present to myself... :p

    PS. there are two chanel bags that i want too... y'all are such great enablers (aka bad influence)... :p love you all!!!! :biggrin:
  8. I agree about that probably being some designer's idea of the top 10 bags!

    We all loved the Blue Jays stadium. It seemed like all the seats were good and it was easy to get in and out of! Dh was thrilled that we could stay for all 9 innings and walk out and get a cab!

    If I can't find a picture of that tote I will call Prada Toronto and see if I can get a style number . It was slightly bigger than the Chanel portobello and it seems like it was around C$2,600.
  9. ^^^ Thanks ssc, I'm not familiar w/ the style you're referring to at all. Can't wait to see your new beauty. I'll look for it in the Chanel forum
  10. thank you ssc!

    let us know when you get home! :biggrin:
  11. random thoughts: have you ever thought about prices of other things in terms of bags???

    DBF is looking into buying a hybrid... cash for clunkers, etc... anyhow, he was talking about the low down payment and i was thinking that... i could buy a bag with that money!!! :p i didn't say it aloud though... just thinking about it in my head... lol!
  12. I think about it more the other way. If I look in my closet and think I could buy a luxury car with the money invested in bags in my closet. That is one reason I never take a family picture of my bags. It would confirm without a doubt how much I have invested!!
  13. Me too...told my DH that the re-sell on some of my bags is better than real estate now (ha ha) how I justify it?? We laugh, but sometimes I feel bad when I spend on bags....but alas, I have all of you to make me feel better....
  14. Oh to be 25 again and no worries....;) I am 10 years older than you, and that time has flown, so enjoy it while you can...;)
  15. ^^ ssc and ryry - lol! my collection is certainly pale in comparison to yours :p! if all my bags are valued at its new condition/MSRP, i can buy a new car, but NOT a luxury car... :p. in some weird ways, it makes me feel better that you all are crazy about bags... :biggrin: