Prada CHAT Thread

  1. I meant to include this in the prior post! longchamp, I have secured a large brown portobello (FINALLY) thanks to ryrybaby letting me know that they had just hit Saks. I sent my SA a text at 7:30 this morning asking him where mine was!! He said he was just getting ready to text me that he had gotten one from Troy for me!

    I have seen a black large and black small while here and I still love the bag. I know there are those that don't like it, but it rocks my boat!! :lol:
  2. ^^ Longchamp - i didn't know that the reflect color was that limited... wow! and huge bummer on your prada fur bag! i knew that one was very limited in quantity... but i still can't believe that they couldn't get it for you, as you ordered it a while back... so sorry to hear that... i know you were looking forward to getting that bag :sad:
  3. ssc, enjoy your vacation! Sounds fun to me! Cannot wait to hear about the bag! :graucho: Is the brown portobello the one that is cerf like? Can you put it on your shoulder? Bulky? I'm toying with the idea as well. I have not seen one irl tho.

    longchamp, that is a bummer about that bag you saw in France. grrrrr

    I'm thinking seriously about the Fendi Peekaboo. Never have been attracted to Fendi until this one. I believe ryry has received hers. I gotta get some info from her before I make a decision. There's also a brown prada that I'm liking...cannot remember the # now. I believe ssc posted a pic of one. It was similar to Dusty's but maybe a bit more structured.
  4. listed their top 10 bags today (i'm assuming based on quantity sold?):

    Longchamp - the lilac BV karung that i've been eyeing made the top 10 list!!! i wonder if i should get it soon... i'm afraid they're going to sell fast... can't quite pull the trigger on almost $4k with tax just yet though... sigh... :shrugs:

    Bagladee - looks like the two-pocket hobo that you posted also made the list... i'm curious now... some tpfers do not recommend the bag, but it's obviously doing well in the market... :confused1:
  5. ^^ssc - congrats on scoring the portobello!!! enjoy your vacation!!! we can't wait to hear all about it and check out your new acquisitions when you get back!!! :graucho:
  6. jcoop - ryry said that the peekaboo was a bit on the heavy side... i didn't know she got it! might have to venture out to the fendi subforum to check it out!!!

    i love the brown cervo tote!!! i think it was ssc that posted the pic... it's so pretty :biggrin:
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    Hmm I think I know who got you your bag -:smile:. We need to go to the Troy Saks sometime, I'm going up next week, third largest Chanel in the country.

    But anywhoo, I'm so glad you found your Portobello. Have fun on your vacation. What part of Canada are you in?

    My sister lives in Toronto, you should make out there w/ the x change rate, it's a small difference, but every little bit helps.
  8. OMG, get the Karung, it's a beauty, saw IRL.
  9. Bagladee - looks like the two-pocket hobo that you posted also made the list... i'm curious now... some tpfers do not recommend the bag, but it's obviously doing well in the market... :confused1:[/QUOTE]

    I think it is the black color that is making it sellable. If I decide to buy this bag (and I probably will), it will be in the black color. I think that it will look less bulky in the black color.
  10. jcoop, , I've seen this bag irl a couple of times now--large and small--and I do love it. BUT, the first thing I noticed is when I put it on my shoulder one of the straps kept falling off. Kinda reminescent of the GST, but of course the straps are a lot shorter. If the bag was full I think it would be hard to get over your shoulder, but you can do it if it isn't. I know that I will carry it on my shoulder some, but imo it really isn't meant to be a shoulder bag. I can't help myself though--this bag has been on my mind for months!!!!!!!!
  11. longchamp, we are in Toronto-it's only about 5 hours from where we live. We are having a good time, just kicking back. We also got to see the Yanks beat the Blue Jays twice!! I am not a real baseball fan, but it was really fun! Back home tomorrow, via Niagara Falls.
  12. ssc...i just like the option of putting a bag on my shoulder if i need 2 free hands...hmmmmm

    what's a girl to do???? :graucho::biggrin::p

    ~brown or grey portobello
    ~brown prada cervo tote that ssc posted about
    ~brown fendi peekaboo
    ~or something else????



    I want something more structured, durable, elegant and really like a messenger strap (which porto doesn't) . Never have been attracted to fendi but i love this peekaboo in the pics.
  13. I do have an idea, but I need to find a picture of it. I saw a Prada tote here in Toronto that I just loved. Let me see if I can find a picture of it. It was really, really nice.
  14. I guess I spoke too soon. I can't find a picture of it anywhere. It was a bag that would be comparable to the Chanel portobello. I saw it at Prada in Toronto. I am going to keep looking.....