Prada CHAT Thread

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  1. OK GIRLS and GUYS!!!....Here is our first PRADA CHAT THREAD!

    Chat away!off topic Prada is ok in here !!
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  2. cool...thanks...
  3. sweet!

  4. genius!!! thanks, Jill!!! :biggrin:
  5. Anyone gotten any non-prada deals that they want to share with us? What cool new things have you all gotten lately?
  6. Nice idea for a thread. Unfortunatly, I haven't gotten any new Prada items. Hopefully, this Fall I will though. No idea what I want though.
  7. I got some new ballerinas and fall boots...thats about all so far!
  8. I want some Prada shoes too. They just never have my size. :smile: I have tiny feet.
  9. Thanks for the chat Jill!!!

    I'm still debating on the BV Cabat. But missed out on the reflect color, all sold out:sad:.

    Did anybody get the new Chanel Portobello? I saw some LV bags coming out this fall that somewhat remind me of it in style but it's....4500

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  10. I also saw the Prada cocodrillo bag in France, didn't look at the price as not interested. Then when I got home, couldn't stop thinking about it, coming out later this month.

    So I sent pix to my friend Eric at Prada Soho, and my mouth dropped open. I knew it would be pricey but Oh My GAWD----23,500!!!!! Now here's once, have to agree w/ PP, if spending that much, get a Hermes!!!

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  11. ^^reported
  12. ^^ OMG! can't believe that color is already sold out... there are some other beautiful colors... but sometimes it's hard when you've had your heart set on something...

    i haven't seen that new LV before... but it's like the alma meets the bag in the bag portobello :P
  13. ^^^ my thoughts exactly chic02latz about the LV.

    There were only, I think, 125 reflects worldwide:sad:. But I like the Nero also, so that will be around for a long time!!!
  14. Okay huge bummer email from Joanna-- I saw it in France and passed it up because thought I would get it from her...

    So I just found out today from my buyer that we cannot get the red fur bag that you wanted to get because the red one was not in production. There were only 30 made in the world, so its super extremely limited. However, there is one available but bad news is we don't have a color picture of it. Its a color called Lodin, and its like a earth-toned, green olive color.

    Needless to say I'm not getting the Lodin color.
  15. Jill, thanks for the chat thread. I didn't think it was going to happen, but this morning I found the sticky!! Yea!'s some chatting. And I just typed all of this once and lost it. I will try and get it all down again quickly because my family is sitting patiently waiting for me!

    We are in Canada on vacation and having a lovely time. The weather is great. I got to go shopping on my own yesterday because my dh thought I needed some time to go look at antiques. I figured that I wouldn't correct him on the antique part.

    I first went to the flagship Chanel store. It was very small and I knew more than the SA they had working that morning. She was sweet but totally clueless. I discovered that the C$ prices (after conversion) were higher than the US$ prices. For example the large new portobello is C$3,150 vs US$2,695. They didn't have much bag inventory either and what they had was mostly basic stuff.

    So then I was off to Prada. It was a nice size store and the SA I met was very nice. They had all the bags that we've all oohed and aahed over this Fall, but not the bag I was looking for....

    Next was Holt Renfrew (seems like the Canadian Saks). I met some lovely SA's and got to see my favorite lines--BV, Chanel and Prada. The BV was nice, but fairly basic. The Chanel boutique was even smaller than the small flagship store. The Prada boutique was a nice size and the SA was super sweet. And, more importantly, the Prada Canadian $ prices were more inline with US prices, unlike the Chanel. And btw, I found the bag I was looking for.......hmm....more on that another time....

    I did find out one thing that might have allowed me to buy a bag for less than the US price, but alas it didn't work for me. Holt Renfrew exchanges US dollars at their own rate. So yesterday when the actual exchange rate was US$ 1 = C$ 1.07, they were giving US$ 1 = C$ 1.25. A significant difference. I do think the exchanged $ had to be spent in the store. If only I was carrying thousands of US $'s on me!!

    Well...the family wants to go sightsee. Imagaine that!