Prada Cervo Lux - Please HELP!

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  1. [​IMG]Hey Ladies.
    Yesterday I bought the Prada Cervo Lux ... but not the Tote but as an Evening/Going Out handbag. Its smaller than the tote but looks the same.
    I got it in glazed black leather with the silver hardware handles.

    Its veryyyy nice (unfort. I cannot show you pics as my camera isnt working at the moment) but maybe some of you saw it already in the stores. I think its from the spring collection already.
    Before I was lusting over the tote, but it didnt really make sense to get it as its to elegant (caused by the silver hardware and the glazed leather) for me for the day. But for going out its perfect.

    Anyway.. Now my IMPORTANT question. I am thinking of getting another one. In my store they also have it in the white glazed leather with the gold hardware and in light grey glazed leather with silver hardware. Both are beautiful and stunning. BUT.. and now comes the BUT: Though the white / gold is stunning and very hip, Its somehow very girly.
    I mostly wear black when I go out, (even in summer)... and so I am wondering which one to get. I actually thought that even if I wear a black elegant top and dark blue jeans the white one would go pretty well, stands out.. as it also has gold.. I know that simple white bags arent that good with dark colors but I thought this curtain bag would. But all my gfriends told me its not as nice to dark colours and that its more of a beige sommer bag.. to light colours.
    Now the grey is also nice.. But it has the silver hardware again.. and its very a silver bag.. and I have a silver handbag for going out?!

    So what do u ladies think?

    I looked very hard to find a pic of the grey one to show it to you.. but unfortunatly didnt find a pic of the grey one.
    But I can show you the totes:

    This is the Tote. I have it in small (middle sized Id say)...

    What do u ladies suggest me to buy??

    Thanks in Advance!

    Saskia:tup::yahoo:Cant wait for your opinions!
  2. Do you wear a lot of gold or silver? I tend to wear gold so I prefer gold hardware. That being said, Grey goes well with Black outfits and is really elegant.
  3. I LOVE the white!
  4. ID go grey as I prefer silver hardware and I also think grey goes with anything!
  5. Hey Ladies. Thanks for your quick replays. Id also say grey... the only little problemo.. it has the same silver black hardware as the black I just bought.. and I also have the Chanel Classic 2.55 and this bag also has silver hardware. But I guess it doesnt matter.. as its grey and not black:smile:

    This is such a hard decision!:smile:
  6. Prada
  7. gray and silver go with anything! agreed