Prada Cervo Antik

  1. I am thinking of getting this bag, Prada Cervo Antik. But I heard that the leather doesn't age well. Is it true? Is it worth it? I think it's a beautiful bag. Do they have the same style with different leather?
  2. It isn't the leather that's the problem. It's the antik finish treatment that stinks. I've seen some real train wrecks where this finish is concerned. IIRC, Wardow has this one in plain dyed black. If you like the style, go with the black (or any color that doesn't have the antik treatment, but is plain dye.).
  3. Thanks PP. I saw the black as well, but it also says cervo antik? So, you think it will not end up looking bad like the brown/tan one?
  4. The antik treatment refers to the shading like you see it this one. The black is just dyed black. I don't know why they have it listed as antik.

    Have a look at the corners of this one, particularly the left side. You can ALREADY see some problems where the finish is wearing away.

  5. thanks you for asking OP!! I recently just got the Vernice (pale pink) and wonder how it will hold up. I really love this design and was hoping to find the wine colour in antik as well. Now i am having second thoughts...
  6. i'm not sure if my shaded camel bag is a cervo antik...but it's just horribly dry, drinks everything i put on it and doesn't get better...color is fading too in some spots and it's less thn a year old :sad:

  7. Yep. That's what happens to the antik finish....

    Sometimes I wish I had saved photos of all the antik finish bags I've seen on eBay so I have a photo library of what happens.
  8. Yikes!!! Well, black is not really my color for black, so I will have to wait. Maybe Prada would release the same style of bag in different finish or leather. Thanks for the info PP!
  9. ^^^I just receive mine in vernice last night! I bought the nude pink one.

    here is a pic sent by Joanne..
  10. Wow Stef!!!! I love the look of those bags! I would love to have the blue one. Where did you get them from and if you don't mind me asking, how much is it? Thank you in advance for your reply! Hey, post the pictures of your bag, please. We wanna admire it!
  11. Hello dangerouscurves, I got this from Joanna, Prada Hawaii. She is really helpful and please PM me if you want her email. After 50 for Fedex, I paid around 1525. She told me that the vernice is more durable than the cervo antik. I originally was hoping to find the antik in wine. I will post pic tonight. It is a lovely shade of nude, like the loub nude and the patent is really smooth and luxurious.
  12. here are the pics. hope they help in yr decision:smile:



  13. Wow!!! I love that bag!! It's gorgeous! Is it as soft as normal leather (not-patent)?
  14. ^^ Hi babe, according to Joanna, the vernice is sturdier than the normal leather. The bag is amazing. It is so soft and yet at the same time, it stands on it own.
  15. Granted, this is an absolute WORST case scenario (though I've actually seen some worse than this), but this is what tends to happen to Prada's patent. I see bags like this all the time during my daily Prada scanning on eBay.

    Yes, this IS authentic.

    This being said, while it's soft and lovely, Prada has a long way to go to perfect their patent leathers.