Prada cervo antik bowler

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  1. ^ I don't own it but I like it...that color is cool and different..congrats!!! Make sure you post pics when you get her...!!
  2. Wow! What a great price! I have bought 6 bags (Chanel, Prada, Carlos Falchi--some beautiful brand new Falchi crocodile bags for 80% off) from bag,borrow or steal! Every bag I have received has looked brand new (some have been unused ), so I've been really happy with them ! Hope you have good luck too!

    I don't own that bag but have seen it in real life and it is lovely! Please post pictures when you get it!
  3. That's good to know. I've often wondered about the condition of their bags. I notice they now have a bag repair site. As far as deerskin is concerned...gorgeous but watch for scratches. Enjoy your new bag!!!
  4. I don't own this bag, but I love the shape and the color of it.
    I hope you'll love it, congratulations :biggrin:
  5. congrats...modelling pics please whenu get it
  6. thanks evryone, i will post px when she arrives
  7. #8 Jul 9, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
  8. Cosmo's is wonderful!!! I never tire of looking at that pic.

    You'll enjoy the bag. The color is divine, like a tall glass of wine!
  9. Both bags are a beauty, congrats anteaterquaker and you too Cosmopolitan.
  10. Love this bag in gray - it is gorgeous!!!!!!!

  11. ^^ thanks so much for the thread, i cann't wait to have this beauty. Mine has been shipped today, i just got the tracking from bagborroworsteal. thanks so much
  12. Cute, I like it!
    I have always been curious about bagborroworsteal but never tried it yet.
  13. Great bag!
  14. thanks guys, i just noticed the price went up to $895 now on bagborroworsteal.