Prada Cahier soft issues?

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  1. Hi! I just wanted to see what people’s expeirence of the Prada Cahier soft bag is?

    I finally pulled the trigger and brought the soft in the beautiful ombre brown to black colouring. I was torn between the Cahier and the etiquette but decided on the Cahier as that was the one I had been wanting since the start.

    I brought my brand new bag home and opened it up to notice this which I hadn’t seen in the store!

    I contacted my SA who had another new one in stock but again on examining it the plate on that one was off centre too - not as bad as this one, but still noticeable and he is now trying to locate another to transfer for me to exchange mine for.

    I’m so disappointed in this, it’s quite a glaring issue considering the hardware is the bags feature. Has anyone got this bag? I’d love to hear both the good and bad points as I’m in two minds as to whether I should exchange or just return despite the fact that I love it!
    51234281-C662-4621-B17A-07D4AEE98695.jpeg E651706B-7314-44CB-B726-6915EEC54017.jpeg