Prada Cahier Shoulder bag purchased but not on Prada website

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  1. Hi,

    My husband recently purchased this Prada Cahier bag on a luxury website. I’ve tried to look this exact bag up on the Prada website but can’t find it. It cost over $4000 and was sent from a shop in Italy, which checks out as a luxury brand shop. Just wondering why I can’t see it on the Prada website?

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  2. I purchased this bag but with the studs in silver instead of the black, in May of last year from the Prada store. This bag was just came out after I bought mine (so early June) because I remember seeing it on a few sites and debating whether I liked the black studs better. Your bag is fab. I can tell you, I was just going to carry mine in weekends, but I have carried it every day since I got it and it still looks fab. Not a scratch on it. And I am pretty rough on my bags. Enjoy your new bag.
  3. I found it.