PRADA butterfly sunglasses (gray lens vs violet lens)

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  1. I always wanted the one with gray lens... but after seeing the actual sunglasses in perion, I changed my mind!!

    I'm gonna keep the violet one :heart:

    What do you think?

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  2. Keep the violet ones!!! Well, I'd keep both if I could, LOL. The violet ones are much more stunning... truly seems like a "Fairy" pair of sunglasses, y'know?
  3. Yea guess I'm gonna keep the violet one. It looks much much much nicer!

    I wanted the grey one because I was worried if my eyes would feel uncomfortable with my entire view becoming "reddish"... but i think that's not the case, the violet lens don't really make too much difference to my eyes.
  4. love love love the violet ones
    they make the sunglasses look more..haute? wrong word, but i dunno how to really describe it

    but i love them! :tup:
  5. :yes: I see what you're saying!!
  6. phew! good think you can actually understand my bumbling

    i guess the word i was searching for before is "upscale"

    but you already got what i meant ;)
  7. I personally like BOTH! It's hard to choose like alluminio vs. mughetto, lol!
    Ok ok, if I were to choose the violet ones!

    Where did you happen to find these? Did you get them in stores?
  8. Nordstrom :smile:
  9. How much are they???
    I saw one at a local store for 2900 mexican pesos (280dlls) and I was wondering if it is a good price or not
  10. :nogood: I found one for $190.
  11. 190? where did you find it?
  12. yes the violet one looks better!!!
  13. Please tell, I would love the Violet ones.:yes: