Prada brass zipper pulls :(

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  1. Hello fellow Purse :heart:ers,
    I've been on Purse Forum for several years and have finally been able to gather up the nerve to post on here! I've been an LV fan for a decade and have recently fallen in deep love for Prada. I recently bought and returned a bag from Bluefly because I didn't like how the brass on the zipper pulls were scratched and dull-looking. I wasn't sure how to shine it up and was a little put off by spending $1100 on a new bag that needed cleaning so I forced myself to return it. Is this normal? I can't recall seeing this problem on Prada bags in the store and now I'm checking out another bag on Bluefly that looks like it has the same dull zipper pulls on it too. Does anyone know how to shine up the zippers? Perhaps I'm just being too darn picky? I'd appreciate any input or advice anyone could give me. Thank u :smile:
  2. can you post a photo- I have a Prada with gold tone hardware on one of my bags that oxised and looks old but its supposed to be - I have others that are shiny it really depends on the model so if you post a photo someone will help:biggrin:
  3. They're supposed to look like that. It's an antique oxidation effect that they use on a lot of the gold hardware these days as opposed to the shiny gold. There's nothing wrong with it, but if you prefer shiny gold, then this style wouldn't be for you.

  4. Hey! We said almost the same thing, word for word. :ghi5:
  5. that's the same thing my hubby asked me once before with great confusion on his face...:amuse:
  6. Wow I feel so silly now! Geeze that makes all the sense in the world! Thank you so much ladies! I sent the bag back but I can find a similar one like it online and post it. Now that I think of it, it did look very vintage, almost something that Jackie O would rock.
  7. Here's a couple of pics from a Quarzo soft calf I sold a while ago. These pics show the oxidation really well.


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    Yup, that's exactly what the zipper looked like. Thank you for posting! Oooh, please let me know i**READ THE PF RULES,BUYING/SELLING IS NOT ALLOWED!!!********
  9. Yep, as PP said some zippers are meant to be like that. My Vitello Shine has that oxidized look but my Saffiano Fori and Gauffre patent have shiny gold one.
  10. Great minds think alike;)