Prada BR3044 sacca bag meta

  1. After reading all the fake prada bags got me scared... but I just bought a tobacco/bronze Prada BR3044 from Filene's Basement at $350, original list at $750.

    It was an impulse buy but I think Filene's basement don't carry fakes... right???? Not too sure now a days as most fakes are real good.

    Attached pic is exact replica of my bag and do come with the card authentication with prada interior lining. Prada logo is gold not black.

    Filene's basement carry real stuff right?
  2. Ive never heard of them carrying Prada...Maybe another Pfer can help ya
  3. Filenes basement carry authentic items, I have bought Versace wallet, Prada bags and shoes, Gucci bags and Bvlgari bags from them.
  4. Thanks for the reassurance hk318 and also Jill for responding! My next bag will be a Dior Star Saddle... still saving up for that!

    Thanks again!
  5. They do carry authentic brand names. My good friend goes to the one near Rye, NY and they have a ton of higher end designers stuff.