Prada Box

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  1. Hi girls...

    Basically, i did a double reveal a while back, one of the bags was bought by my dad in Milan. Being a guy, he completely forgot to ask Prada for the box for the bag. All I've got my bag in now is the dustbag and the paperbag, I know I'm being a little OCD...but does anyone know how I can get my grubby, prada-loving hands on one of those gorgeous black boxes?

    ps. The only Prada in my city is in Holt Renfrew and they use those pink boxes, which I love...BUT the black boxes just look THAT much better :sad:

  2. Maybe call the boutique and ask if they would ship you a box?
    Wouldn't hurt to try.
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  4. Firstly, it would cost the boutique to ship a box out for you.
    It wouldn't make sense for them to ship a box to a client who did not purchase directly from them.

    Secondly, I'm not sure if the boutiques would sell you the box alone.

    Unless you've purchased from Joanne, it does not make sense to ask her for a box.

    Why don't you contact the original boutique where your bag came from?
    The SA who helped your dad may be able to help. It may help if you offer to pay for the shipping.
    Or have the SA contact one of your local Prada boutiques and see if you could get one from a boutique closer to you?
  5. i'm from vancouver, the boutique is in Milan...i don't think my dad bothered to register the purchase, nor would he remember the person he bought it from -.-

    I guess i'm gonna go troll the www for one :smile:
  6. buy another prada and request for another box at the same time? :P

    j/k! good luck in finding the box :smile:
  7. ^ Haha that's what I was thinking!!!
  8. Call Toronto Store and explain your issue :smile:
    Phay there is very nice - maybe she can help you? you may have to pay shipping charge thou
  9. Now that is a very good idea! :nuts:

  10. it is...but unless i call and order a prada from somewhere outside of vancouver...i'll just get the Holt Renfrew packaging again -.-

    oh well, another excuse for a prada
  11. hi

    haha.. u know i have bought Prada locally for years.. and i never knew they would give me you a box for store purchases

    i only realised it when i bought from Joanna@ Prada Hawaii

    I think it makes sense to get a box when the item is being shipped..

    But apart from that, do we really need a box? (i guess if it's a gift.. it will look nice)

    It takes up space.. Maybe that's why your dad didn't think of getting the box for u.. :smile:

    anyway, by the time my shipping arrives, the box is usually falling apart.. the glue has come off..
  12. il ove teh boxes to store my 9 bags..

  13. for me, it's more of storage purposes....
  14. ok.. my personal experience is they aren't durable

    why not try buying something from Joanna at Prada Hawaii.. a pair of shoes or something.. and ask her to pack it in a bag box.. It seems the shipping charges for a box of stuff is flat - USD50.. even if all you buy is a key chain
  15. You really shoudn't store your bags in the will ruin them over time:nuts: