Prada Bow Clutch

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  1. Hi girls and guys~~

    I'm new to Prada
    so excuse my ignorance
    but I'm looking for a bow clutch
    I'm not sure which season it's from
    but it has a strap and.... colorful bows (haha)
    I just want one that's not all black... i want COLORSSSS~!!

    I would greatly appreciate your help!!
    oh and how much does it retail for??

  2. Hi Tarabag...

    The bow clutches are pretty awesome, huh? I love them too... here are a few threads regarding the bow clutches. There are others but I posted the ones with pics. I know you said you don't want the black, but check out Minette's thread (i think the 6th down)... she has the black but her action pics are great because they show different styles you can wear it.

    The clutches are getting pretty hard to find... but LaLa just got one.. so they're still around.

    So here goes...

    Good luck! :flowers:

    P.S. The most recent purchase amounted to $840 I think... (I could be off by a few dollars) - check out thread #1
  3. The Bow Clutch is $850.00 and worth every penny! I would try Prada first... I think there are still some around.
  4. They're one of my favourite Prada bags, so colourful and cute! I love the green and purple ones. :drool:
  5. Hi, I bought one a while back, and just hewlped another PFer get one. You should call the BalHarbour prada boutique and ask for Frank. He will be able to get you one. He got my Pink bow clutch and got the other PFer an orange one
  6. wow!!! marose28 you're so awesome!!! thank you SO much!!!

    twilight_sky: thanks!!!! i would LOVE a pink one :smile: hehehe i'll try giving him a call
  7. yes twilight_sky help me that, I know is the last season clutch but i don't want to miss it so why don't give it a try, during my research i know there is leather bow clutch in Nordstrom in bellevue WA has whole black, and the black with blue bow, and whole sharp pink one. And other prada stores have some still around but is not orange and green though. Good Luck